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Desktop and Laptop Support
Desktop and Laptop Support corespl
Why Cloud Services with Microsoft Office 365.

✓ Reduce Infrastructure and Complexity.
✓ Enterprise-class security and reliability.
✓ IT control and efficiency.
✓ User familiarity and productivity.
✓ Rich Set of Capabilities.
✓ Less Training Required.

Office 365 for Business, Benefits & Frequently asked questions – FAQs


During the consultation, we will go over:

✓ Your current IT setup.
✓ Any Problems you are experiencing with you current setup.
✓ Any questions you might have.


By the end of consultation, you should have an understanding of:

✓ The right products for your business and how much plan cost.
✓ The services that Convergence Resources can offer to assist with implementation.
✓ How to move forward with Office 365, if it’s the right solution for your business.

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