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Your employees can easily find and share information in one centralized location, communicate and collaborate with their peers more effectively and remotely access business information and resources. Windows Small Business Server 2011 enables you to:


✓ Provide one central place to store business information, making it easy for your employees to find and access the data they need at any time.
Improve team performance by providing your employees with an internal website, where they can find and share documents and collaborate on group projects.
✓ Get the most value from your technology investment. Windows Small Business Server 2011 enables you to share resources and equipment such as printers, fax machines and phone lines.
Access business information when away from the office. Employees can stay productive while on the road by having access to their e-mail, internal website, network files and even business applications from any PC with Internet access.


Windows Small Business Server 2011 provides enterprise-class tools to help enhance your company identity. Stay connected with your customers from anywhere, anytime. You Can:

✓ Connect with customers more professionally. With Windows Small Business Server 2011, you can host your own company website and e-mail, increasing credibility with your customers.
✓ Stay connected with customers from anywhere, anytime. Your employees can communicate with customers whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the road.
✓ Streamline customer communications with one-to-many fax and e-mail capabilities. Employees can create and send faxes right from their desktops.



Window Small Business Server 2011 delivers a complete and affordable business server solution for small business with up to 75 workstations. With this server, your data can be secure. Plus, you can unlock new productivity from your desktops, empower your employees to do more and connect to your customers like never before. Windows Small Business Server 2011 provides many of the networking features used by large companies, without the complexity typically associated with server technology.


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