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Voip Service
Voip Service Telephony

Convergence Resources Inc. offers hosted VOIP service to small businesses with less than 15 employees in the Greater Toronto Area. We also offer fully manageable in-house phone servers to small and medium businesses in GTA.


Our hosted VOIP is perfect for businesses with less than 15 employees. We provide quality service, with either unlimited Canada-wide calling or unlimited US and Canada calling. Calls to other countries can also be provided at a very low cost. With hosted PBX solution you get all the features of an in-house solution, but pay for only the lines that your business needs.


Businesses with more than 15 employees should consider our in-house PBX solution. We deliver fully configured servers, with unlimited 1-year support. We offer immediate real-time support to our PBX clients with same day server replacement warranty. Our technician will visit your office and gather all the required details. Then on the day of installation, we bring all the hardware pre-configured to your office, as plug and play, so your business does not incur any service downtime.

All of our servers come with same-day replacement warranty. As soon as we find out that a replacement is required, our technician will come and replace the server, and also restore your data on it. We also install monitoring tool on our server that alerts us of any upcoming errors, so we can fix the errors before they occur. We also backup your server on our cloud for free in our support plan. This gives us leverage over the response time, so we fix the issue before the clients’ business gets affected.


Phone and email support is available to all our clients during normal business hours. Immediate, real-time, remotely managed support gives our clients the confidence that the issue will be resolved instantly which results in minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.


Contact us for more details on the solution that fits your business needs.