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Reliable, Proactive and Affordable Hosted PBX Services.

Hosted Pbx
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If your business has less than 15 employees then you should consider our hosted solution. In this solution, your phones connect to our servers hosted in the cloud, and you can make and answer calls. Hosted solution saves you the cost of having an in-house PBX server, while giving you all the features of an in-house PBX server.


We provide instant remote support. Our technicians are always there to fix the issues. Call in and we will start working on resolving your issues right away.


We provide unlimited free support to all our hosted clients. Our highly trained technicians will instantly work on your issues and try resolve it asap. You can either dial 611 from your phone or dial our company phone number and press 2 for support to get in touch with one of our technical department.


Our service gives you unlimited calling Canada-wide, or you can also get unlimited calling to the US and Canada. We include features like call history, call recording, call waiting, call transfer, voicemail and customized IVR. We can also provide you with multiple extensions under the same number.


If you starting a new business or wish to upgrade your old phone system, we will replace all your old phones for free, and even recycle your old phones for you. Each line comes with one free phone. An extra extension costs only $5/month, but the phone is still free. We charge you for the service, not the phones.


Sign-up today and get this incredible deal before its gone.

Features included:

✓ Unlimited calling to both US and/or Canada
✓ Free phones for new customers
✓ Fully accessible from the web or any mobile/tablet
✓ Great for local and remote users
✓ Call History
✓ Conference Rooms
✓ Presence Settings
✓ Call Forwarding
✓ Call Waiting
✓ DND (Do not Disturb)
✓ and much more

Monthly Packages
Price (per line)
For 1 to 4 lines:
For 5 to 9 lines:
For 10 to 15 lines:
Price (per line)
For 1 to 4 lines:
For 5 to 9 lines:
For 10 to 15 lines:

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